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I love sharing my process and being able to show that my work truly is 100% hand made.

I alway like showing clients how their work was made, from start to finish. Here I will share some images of life in the studio, different techniques I use, and images of my work in progress.


January 18, 2014

This is often what my bench looks like when I am working on a project. Tools and materials everywhere! I assure you however... this is organized chaos!

Here I am working on my thesis line from 2012, those are the interior rings from my collection. If you look closely you can see the text etched inside before the patina was applied. 

The nylon hammer helped me form the rings while they were around a nylon mandrel (not pictured). This minimized the pressure being applied to the raised surface inside, allowing the text to stay raised. 


January 18, 2014

This is me forging a sterling silver ingot. After pouring liquid metal into a mold, I use a steel hammer and hit the hot metal ingot on top of an anvil allows for the metal to be formed into a useable sheet. 

Reheating often is necessary because as you hammer you harden, and as you heat you soften, so this process takes a long time and it certainly takes a toll on your body. Requiring lots of upper body strength, you want to make sure you stretch first.

Ear protection is necessary as it gets pretty loud, I should have goggles on as well to protect my eyes, but don't tell on me :)



January 18, 2014

When etching sterling silver, I use a calculated mix of ferric nitrate and water. Proper protection is required! Nitrile gloves, apron, a mask, and ventilation in the room are necessary. Game face on!






January 18, 2014

Material sampling is fun! When creating a piece, sometimes I know what I want to make, but I don't know what I want to make it out of, so I do lots of sampling.

Here are tests from my work title "The Places I've Called Home". Different types of wood, paper, and acrylic laser cuts were tested.






January 18, 2014

In order to resize a ring, it needs to be annealed (heated to a working temperature), then hammered on a mandrel, or stretched on a ring sizing machine, and finally cleaned and refinished.

Here you can see: 1) Original ring, 2) Annealed ring, 3) Patina applied to ring after stretching  4) Cleaned, refinished, and polished.


January 18, 2014

Heat treatments applied to metal simply means heating the metal for a specific amount of time until a desired effect appears. 

Here you can see various heat treatment patterns on copper plates. Look at those colours!







January 18, 2014

Tumbling your work hardens the metal after it has been annealed or soldered. Steel shot is used in a rotating tumbler with a small amount of water and soap to achieve this. Cleans and hardens just beautifully.

Clearly my steel shot loves me just as much as I love it!